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The Art of Natural Healing

Your Yoga resource offering different modalities to support physical and mental wholeness and healing on all levels.

The Art of Natural Healing

Your Yoga resource offering different modalities to support physical and mental wholeness and healing on all levels:

Through Therapeutic Yoga – clearing away chronic tensions from muscles and joints while opening the body and mind to deep relaxation and healing.

Through Meditation – finding ways to quiet the mind and to access the peace that is your true nature.

Through Living from your True Self – a process of self-inquiry working with unresolved life experiences that are stored deeply in the body/mind complex, creating physical, mental and emotional release and allowing you to make new more fulfilling choices in life.

Say goodbye to pain, tension, and stiff joints. Regain the strength and flexibility your body deserves.

Expand your healing and enjoy more mental clarity, emotional ease and inner peace

Deepen into the process of self-inquiry, develop a better understanding of the body/mind & experience more freedom and true happiness

Here's What Savita's Students Have To Say

customer testimonials

Bill N. ─ Laguna Niguel, CA

I scheduled a private yoga therapy session asking for insight into easing my stiff shoulder and hip. Savita listened and then showed me some very supported, deeply relaxing poses using props in a way that really allowed me to completely let go into these postures. She showed me how to use these postures and my breathing to very gently go deeper and over time this approach has started to open my shoulder and hip.

Dana G. ─ Laguna Niguel, CA

After two years of low back and sciatica pain, I started attending Savita’s therapeutic yoga classes twice weekly plus one-on-one sessions. Savita took time to carefully explain what she was doing and what I could do to best support my body’s healing process. Each session I could literally feel the muscles and nerves slowly moving and I experienced less and less pain, the feeling started coming back into my leg. It is now May 2015. I am free of sciatic pain. I have no lower back pain, all done without surgery. My only regret is that I didn’t work with Savita sooner. If any of what I’ve said sounds familiar to you, I highly recommend you seek out Savita quickly so you, too, can get on with your life–and be pain free. Thank you, Savita!

brad W. ─ San diego, CA

Chronic pain from a failed back surgery and neck cancer led me down a dead end of prescription morphine and despair. I believed my life was over when Savita introduced me to yoga. I remain amazed at the healing powers of this unique therapy. Savita has guided me to a life path of physical, emotional and spiritual health. It works… it truly works.

Diane B. ─ Huntington Beach, CA

Using Yoga Therapy, Savita has shared with me how do heal both, physical and emotional pain. For a person living with chronic pain and exhaustion for many years, I had become someone who had grieved over the loss of physical abilities. I now have found hidden reserves of energy. I experience life more fully and use my new skills every day.

annette S. ─ San Juan Capistrano, CA

When I began yoga therapy with Savita I had some anxiety because of failed physical therapy in the past. I was frightened and in pain, having suffered seven very painful fractured vertebra from osteoporosis. Surgery had not eliminated my pain. Since this yoga therapy is unique and unlike traditional physical therapy, I thrived. I do not have the dowager’s hump of osteoporosis many women my age (82) have; I am active and independent, free of pain medication and feel much more at ease with myself and life. Savita’s transformative powers are there to be tapped into.

brad W. ─ San diego, CA

I am feeling much gratitude for this remarkable 5-day Yoga/Meditation Retreat. You created a deep, thoughtful, intelligent, fun and amazingly interesting yoga experience for us all. Thank you for putting so much of yourself into it and for sharing the depth of yoga practice as well as this special place. I have learned so much more about yoga and have come away humbled, inspired and grateful for the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of this amazing practice. You are a wonderful teacher and a master at your craft. Looking forward to a future retreat with you.

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