Private Yoga Therapy

Exploring the body as a gateway to healing & transformation.

NOW available ONLINE

Explore elements of hands-on yoga therapy through personal online guidance to attend to specific physical ailments, post-surgery, chronic pain and more

Yoga Therapy focuses on the body as the gateway to physical, mental and spiritual transformation. A hands-on healing modality, Yoga Therapy is based on elements of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Svaroopa Yoga Therapy.

The practitioner works with certain supported yoga postures and specific hand positions that focus on the tailbone and the sacrum as the pivot points of the body to restore the body’s natural healing ability. With the attention on breathing and sensations in the body, often you can find yourself aware of physical and emotional patterns that have manifested in your body as chronic aches and pains. Guided by your practitioner, you will experience profound spinal releases and learn to listen with compassion and awareness to the wisdom of your body, beginning a process of transformation through your physical body.

Through this process you will find yourself developing a much deeper understanding of your body and what it needs, thus empowering yourself to live a more conscious and healthier life. Whether you have chronic backaches, chronic pain, stiff joints, suffer from old injuries, sleeping disorders, or just want to experience a deeply nurturing relaxation, you will find Yoga Therapy to your benefit.

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