Focus the mind, redirect thoughts and cultivate spiritual awareness.

Our true, inherent nature is one of peace, stillness and joy.  This pure state often becomes disturbed through our endless thoughts, everyday actions and hectic lifestyles. Pranayama (breath control) and Dhyana (meditation) are tools from the ancient sages that help us discover that peace within.

In our ‘Meditation Study Groups’ and ‘Pranayama and Meditation workshops’ (now online) you will learn basic asanas (postures) and breathing techniques that prepare the body for sitting, quiet the mind and nervous system. We explore guided and non-guided meditations, reflect on different spiritual texts plus deepen our understanding through group dialogue.

Whether you join us online or in selective workshops,  you’ll learn how meditation can reconnect you with your true essence, bring balance to your life, reduce stress and increase your natural vitality. Join us and discover how through these ancient practices you can increase your overall health and concentration, quiet your mind and find more harmony and peace within.

Visit the Calendar for ongoing classes and workshops.

Meditation & Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

To expand your healing and yoga practice further, and to enjoy more mental clarity & ease including a stronger emotional resilience, consider mindfulness based practices (MBSR) and meditation, either with private ONLINE or IN-PERSON meditation guidance from Savita or participate in a group workshop.  See the Calendar for ongoing classes and workshops.

"The aim of life is to attain peace. No one can give us peace. We can’t buy it or borrow it, but we can create it by regular sadhana (practice)."

Baba Hari Dass
Yoga Master, Silent Monk