Therapeutic Yoga

Restore the Body’s natural ability to Heal and Strengthen.

Yoga Therapeutics & Gentle Yoga

Restore the body's natural ability to heal and strengthen

In these classes you will learn reliable and practical methods to release tension and pain from legs, hips, back, neck and shoulders.

Carefully selected yoga postures and breathing techniques will help you release deep-seated tensions from muscles and joints. You will learn proper alignment techniques through the use of props (blankets, strap, blocks & chair) and what you can do yourself to best support and keep your body open, more flexible and resilient. Classes include traditional hatha yoga postures including standing postures, as well as elements of Svaroopa yoga.  You’ll discover a new sense of flexibility and strength, feel more energized and at the same time experience a profound quieting of mind and a deep sense of relaxation.

Yoga for Rehabilitation and Back Care

Gently move beyond pain and stress with Svaroopa inspired yoga

These classes are intended to provide relief from pain & to support optimal functioning of the joints, muscles and organs. This approach to yoga is characterized by gentleness, subtlety and profound physical changes all throughout the body.  The Svaroopa method (as taught by Savita Geuther) emphasizes a progressive alignment of the spine that results in deep muscular release & allows the body’s inherent healing capacity to be restored. These unique practices focus on restoring strength and stamina through proper alignment, support and increased body awareness. Classes are for all levels of ability.